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Yes it's true! You can now learn hip hop dance moves and more at the click of a button. We offer dance lessons and sessions online anytime!

Hip Hop Dance Moves and Hip Hop Dancing!

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Dance Online
Learn to dance online right now!

If you have ever wanted to learn how to dance, here is your chance! Virtual Dance Instructor, Simone Maurice breaks down today's hottest moves for you to learn here online anytime!

Learn to dance in the privacy and comfort of your home! You don't have to believe us either. Here is what some of our visitors had to say about our sessions:

"I just want to say that what
you're doing is amazing. . . dancing is my dream, my inspiration, my life. . . keep it up!" - Morino

"Fantastic stuff!!! Really, really impressive. Looking forward to what's next!" - Joanna

"Learn How To Dance Online From A Certified Dance Instructor"

Learn To DAZZLE Your Friends And, BUILD CONFIDENCE To Strut Your Stuff On The Dancefloor With The Help Of Dance Performer/Instructor,
Simone Maurice!

What would you do if you knew that you can access the equivalent to private dance lessons in the comfort and privacy of your home anytime no matter where you live?

Dance Artist and Certified Dance Instructor, Simone Maurice provides just that and more!

So who is Simone Maurice? As a performer, a powerhouse of dynamic energy that gets the crowd into a frenzy with her incredible groove to move!

Over the past two decades, this multitalented mover has trained extensively in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Street Dance to become a certified dance instructor and bonified dancing phenominon. She's worked with and learned from those behind the moves of
Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and many more! Notable names include, Luigi, Clive Thomson, Tina Landon, Darrin Henson, Kelly Konno, Terry Bixler, Roger Lee, Marty Kudela, Gil Duldulao Jr, Richard Kim, Flii, Courtney Miller and many, many more.


- Michael Jackson

"She's one of the best dancers around!"

- Sharon Kavanough
Much Music TV Producer

Apart from being known for her appearence on VH1's hit show Fanclub: Michael Jackson, Simone has also performed and taught dance in numerous cities, hosted a hot dance instructional tv show on Canada's dance channel, Beats Per Minute Television (BPM TV) and even contributes articles to dance trade magazines!

"She's Good!"

- Taj Jackson

"She has a bright future!"

- Dan Murphy
MTV/VH1 TV Producer

An avid dance enthusiast, Simone constantly searches to learn and share the artform by appealing to mentors and pillars in the dance community for exclusive interviews, personal and interactive workshops. A pioneer to virtual and interactive dance instruction, she hopes that this technology will act as an arm forging great discovery, usefull discourse and a newfound respect for movement, its past, current and future influences.

"Way to work it!"

- Terry Bixler

"Good Energy!"

- Tina Landon

"Simone's steadfast belief and energy is totally directed towards any new pioneering idea..!"

I have maintained and watched grow a true artists relationship as well as personal friendship with Simone Maurice over the years, and count her among one of my greatest friends. Simone's steadfast belief and energy is totally directed towards any new pioneering idea that she may have involving dance, and this new project is no exception.

Simone's personal communication skills and coherant relatability enable absoutely anyone to relate to her on some level, and begin instantly engaged, inspired, and more importantly excited about the new challenge they are about to undertake.

It is with my complete and total support that I fully get behind Simone not only as a compassionate and loyal human being and friend, but as one artist to another sharing in the passion with simple ideals of connecting to others through the most innovative and groundbreaking new forms of entertainment that the medium of the internet currently offer to people all over the world.
-Jamie Leigh
Artist, Humanitarian

Thanks to today's accessible technologies, Simone is able to share what she does best with you no matter where you are the world. We can go on and on about it but we think that you should hear her story as told best by Simone herself!

My Story....

What if I were to tell you that...

  • Dancing like your favourite artist is much easier than you think!

  • You don't need any previous dance experience to learn how to do gravity defying, mind boggling moves!

  • You can gain confidence learning how to dance no matter how shy you are!

  • You can have acess to learning all of these things within the next five minutes!

....would you believe me?

Growing up I was an extremely shy kid! Being curious about dancing and wanting to try it, I pestered my parents to put me into dance classes and they did. It was fun! I was learning things like ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance but what I REALLY wanted to dance like, were the people that I often saw in music videos!

If You Ever Wanted To
Learn How To Dance Like Your Favourite Popstar Read Below!

I wanted to dance like Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson. I even remember fantasizing about being one of their back up dancers and many times, my friends and I would try and learn the choreography from the music videos or live performances.

During school, we would do the routines we learned during recess break or on vacations, we would clamour around a tv at someone's house and work the vcr's remote as if there was no tomorrow! Just to learn and do the dance routines from our favouite artists made us feel one step closer in sharing the very thing that made us excited about the artist, their music and magic!

Unfortunately for me, the dance studio I attended did not offer classes on how to dance like my favourite artists. For that matter, I do not think that anywhere in my town offered the opportunity to either learn how to dance in a style like my favourite artists or even learn from those who worked with these artists as dancers and choreographers.

It was then that I had decided that I would teach myself how to dance like Michael Jackson. I was in the eighth grade at the time and although I did not know it then, I was developing a series of techniques that helped me dance like one of the most respected and legandary dancers of our time.

Over the years, I have added, learned and developed a series of key dance techniques that has helped me to teach anyone how to dance like their favourite artists such as, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Ciara, Usher, Omarion, Justin Timberlake and more!

Combined with my certified dance training, I have been able to teach some of these techniques in many cities, on television and now I would like to share them on the internet to you. I figured that this is the easiest, fastest, most convenient and comfortable way for you to learn the types of dances you want to learn; Instantly, anywhere, online, anytime!

Michael Jackson has been perhaps the most influential artist in having me as well as many artists that you see today in music videos yearn to dance. That's why I have consolidated a series of dance lessons at that teaches people the moves he made famous called:

"The Magic Of Movement"

You get...

Jam packed lessons filled with useful information to get you moving!

Here are just SOME of the lessons you will learn:

How to Moonwalk - learn how to do this move in MINUTES and you'll realize how easy it can be!

How to Side Glide - gliding seemlessly on the dancefloor is a lot of fun to do with this quick and easy lesson!

The Suspended Puppet - an animated move that captivates the magic of movement as seen in the Smooth Criminal video!

How to Pop Walk - the dazzling robotic walk that can only be described as SURREAL! You will learn the techniques needed to master this sensational move.

Moonwalking In A Cirle - learn how this illusion is unbelievably simple to master once you have the right techniques which I will teach you.

Spot Shimmy - discover how too can move with rythmic suave through a series of simple and effective steps.

Side Glide with Popping - take the art of gliding to a higher level with this dynamite move and impress your friends.

Elephant Walk - discover how simple it is to create magic out of this smooth move and begin to share in what leaves audiences awestruck when a world famous popstar performs!

How to Turn - master the art of turning with my special pointers and have a whirl of a time.

"James Brown Shimmy" - find out the secret methods I use to learn how to slide and glide just like the move Michael Jackson adopted and adapted from James Brown!

Heel Groove - learn how to groove to your favourite tunes with this familiar move and discover how easy it is to master!

And Additoinal Lessons!

Say, NO MORE To Empty Promises!

These are lessons that are ALREADY online and ready for you to learn right NOW!

You MUST be aware that these are dance lessons that are already online, waiting for YOU to come and visit and not vice versa!

These lessons are NOT going to be online, maybe tomorrow, a few days from now, next week or next month...

... These dance lessons are available for you to learn in the comfort and privacy of your home right NOW & INSTANTLY at!

YOU can even start dancing within the next 5 minutes!

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I break everything down into a series of simple steps that would have you moving and grooving! I truly encourage you to give it a try! There are people just like YOU who are already benefitting from it and so too can you. Like I said before, dancing like your favourite artist is much easier than you think! You ought to give it a try!

Teaching A TV Personality on LIVE TV!

Find out what happened when I taught celebrity tv personality Rick Campanelli how to do the Moonwalk by clicking below and be amazed to hear what he said!

"It's Simple!"

- Rick Campanelli
TV Personality

...after learning how to Moonwalk on Live TV!

Do you believe me now when I say that dancing like your favourite artist is much easier than you think?

If Rick benefitted from just one of my lessons, just imagine what my entire lesson series can do for you!


The Ultimate Test!

Still not sure?
Take this quick quiz to see whether you will benefit from my lesson series,

The Magic of Movement

Please check the statements that apply to you.

You have been curious to try and learn how to dance.

You are shy to dance on the dancefloor.

You have always wanted to learn something cool to dazzle your friends.

You like to perform and would like to learn some cool moves.

You have been curious about learning Michael Jackson's dance moves.

You like the dancing in music videos and would like to try a few of the popular moves you've seen.

You are too shy to take a dance class.

You have taken dance class but haven't learned the moves you really want to learn.

You have never taken a dance class.

You love dance to dance!

If you have a check mark beside at least ONE of these statements, I want you to seriously consider my offer below!

My 20+ Years of Experience is Yours Risk Free

You are reading this page at a great time because what I am about to share with you is only available to the next 500 subscribers and you are one of them! A private lesson with me starts at $100.00/hr but thanks to the Internet, you can get the equivalent to private lessons with me at group rates! Even better yet, you can access the same private lesson as many times as you like because I will give you LIFETIME ACCESS to this site for only $39.95 (USD - American Dollars).

Since you are among the next 500 subscribers, I will slash that price and give you my special rate of $27.00
(USD - American Dollars) PLUS 4 bonuses I'm sure you wouldn't refuse:

Bonus #1 Popping Technique Clinic - Enhance your popping with this tutorial.

Bonus #2
Waving Technique Clinic - Learn to wave and create your own mind boggling moves!

Bonus #3
Turning Tips & Techniques - Improve your spins!

Bonus #4
Freestyling Tips - Develop YOUR own style!

I want you to be as confident as I am in knowing that you can master these moves. But just in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make it foolproof for you.

There is no need to decide now. Instead, become a member of this exclusive Private Website on a risk-free basis and take the next 30 days to convince yourself.

Here is what I mean:

Risk Free 30-Day Trial

I personally guarantee your satisfaction down to the very last day of the 30 day trial!

Here's how it works:

Immediately after becoming a member, you'll receive a username/password which gives you access to all the lessons in the series at

If during the next 30 days you have not benefitted from at least ONE of my lessons, then I want you to ask for your money back!

How does that sound?

If in the next 30 days you did not benefit from at least ONE of my lessons, you will get a complete 100% refund of your purchase amount. All you need to do is click here to request your refund via

Learning with
The Magic Of Movement is like having a good friend break down and show you step-by-step, exactly how to master the moves Michael Jackson made famous in a series of simple steps.

As I said in the beginning, learning to dance like your favourite pop star is much easier than you think!

Given these tested and proven methods I've created, learned and developed, you can be dancing in no time!

Place Your Risk Free Order

The FASTEST way to order is directly online with our SECURE SERVER Pay Pal at Simply click here to order at You will then get your username and password within 5 minutes so you can start dancing right away!

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about your success in taking this lesson series and how you've developed your own style from it. Even though I get a lot of mail, please write to me. I'd love to hear your success story!

All the best,

Simone Maurice
Virtual Dance Instructor

P. S. Remember ... I guarantee that if you have not benefitted from at least one of my lessons in 30 days, just e-mail me for a prompt 100% refund.

P.P.S. If you don't order The Magic Of Movement right now, how will you ever learn the techniques to help you move like a superstar?

P.P.P.S. You can start to learn right now! The lessons are ready and waiting for you. It doesn't matter where you live! Benefit from learning this right now!

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